E.O.R. was created as an alternative to more traditional school-based English language learning in the UK. There are no classrooms here as Britain and its historical, cultural and natural attractions are our classroom.

Every day our small groups, accompanied by their English teacher and driver, follow a specially created educational itinerary across the UK to visit not only museums, castles and natural attractions but mines, ships, submarines, zoos, archaeological sites and much, much more.

The aim of this programme is not only to teach the English language in an innovative and exciting way but also to explore and understand Britain and its culture in the most natural setting of all – the UK itself. No textbook, slide or DVD can replace seeing a place with your own eyes.

Students will visit a different attraction every day and this attraction will provide the theme of the day with its specific language, grammar and vocabulary. We will use our locations to explore language and ideas in a communicative, inclusive way. There is no chance of getting bored as there is something for everyone.

The small numbers of students in each group ensure that each individual is carefully monitored and followed so as to improve their English and achieve their full potential. Special requests can be taken into consideration and the group becomes an almost family-like entity on holiday in the UK. Great friendships are made and students can experience aspects of the country that are not normally accessible to more “traditional” students.

This study experience is a real full immersion into every aspect of language and culture. Accommodation is in hotels, guest houses or B&Bs with private bathroom, TV and WI-Fi and apart from in London, where we will use public transport, elsewhere we will have our own vehicle and professional driver/ assistant to make sure we can reach even the most difficult to get to attractions.

Every morning the group will have breakfast together and be given a description of the attractions for the day. They will be given vocabulary and a study pack and any specific individual language work or help they need before proceeding with the excursion (see specific itinerary for details). During the course of the day the group will decide where and what to eat. The focus is on conversation and co-operation where each student is a valuable member of the group free to express their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process, thus replicating what normally happens in a family environment.

In the evenings we will take advantage of whatever the location we are in has to offer, whether it be cinemas, swimming, crazy golf or just simply socializing and relaxing after a busy day.